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ABPnews/Herald is uniquely positioned to give voice to the rich diversity of ideas, opinions and conversations within the global Baptist family through this new blog. It is different than our ABPnews/Herald site, though. Blog posts will not be processed through our ABPnews/Herald editorial schedule nor will the ABPnews/Herald staff edit blog articles. The blog will be intentionally diverse with many contributing authors on a wide range of conversation topics important to Baptists. We have full confidence that the ABPnews/Herald blog will play a crucial role to inform, inspire and engage our audience.

If you are interested in contributing to the ABPnews/Herald blog, please contact Jeff Brumley, blog editor, about this possibility. If you find a problem with this site, please contact Natalie Aho, Interactive Communications Specialist.

About ABPnews/Herald

ABPnews/Herald was created by the January 2014 merger of The Religious Herald, the 185-year-old newsjournal for Baptists in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic, and ABPnews, founded in 1990 as Associated Baptist Press, the first and only independent news service created by and for Baptists.

This historic agreement emerged from a shared conviction that we could best serve Baptist Christians and churches in the Mid-Atlantic region and around the world by collaborating rather than competing for readers and resources. The merger builds upon our respective strengths while consolidating and streamlining core operations, eliminating duplications, and achieving economies of scale. It also equips us to embrace the challenges of dramatic changes in Baptist life, in religious journalism and in communication technologies. 

ABPnews/Herald is an autonomous, nonprofit news organization that offers news, features and opinion articles every business day for a global audience of Baptists and other Christians at ABPnews.com and its companion site, the ABPnews Blog.

Our Mission

To serve Christ by providing credible and compelling information about matters of faith.

Our Vision

To be the leading source of news and commentary for Baptist Christians worldwide.

Our Imperatives

Inform ▪ Inspire ▪ Engage

These three action verbs constitute our “marching orders” in pursuit of our mission and vision. They are what we get up every day thinking about. They help us make decisions about the news we report, the feature stories we write, the columnists we enlist, the commentary articles we publish and the related services we provide. They are criteria by which we measure our effectiveness.

All three imperatives testify to our tenacious belief in the transformative power of story. We believe compelling stories about Baptist Christians and churches are part of the larger story of the good news of Jesus Christ. These stories also connect people, whether they live in the same town and attend the same church or they live on separate continents and worship in very different ways. Baptists today need these stories and this connectedness more than ever. Our challenge is to find new and better ways to share our stories.

Our Values

We believe a free and responsible press is an essential corollary to historic Baptist principles, including religious freedom, freedom of conscience, the priesthood of all believers, and the autonomy of the local church. We believe the integrity of the gospel and the health and vitality of the Baptist witness are best served by an independent source of news and commentary that is free from censorship and coercion.

We believe truth is the cornerstone upon which the democratic process is built, both in religious and civil relationships. We believe in democracy, because we believe it best honors the competency of every soul before God. Therefore, we believe our first commitment must be to our readers, whose right to know the truth is paramount, both for relating to God and to others.

Our ministry will be built upon freedom, fairness and objectivity, by which we guard our integrity and autonomy. Our work will reflect the highest standards of journalistic excellence and Christian integrity.

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