Three questions

Following Jesus — while dealing with family, friends, work, school, the larger world and one’s self — gets complicated.  Throw in background noise from political campaigns, product advertising and advocates of all sorts, and it is little wonder we lose our way.

How might we stay focused on following Jesus, while living in the world as it is?  I suggest we ask ourselves three questions each day.

Am I implementing the Great Commission?  Jesus commanded us to make disciples.  He forged disciples by entering into mentoring relationships, modeling and articulating what it meant to be a person devoted to God, and walking with disciples in the making through good and hard times.

 Am I implementing the Great Expectation?  Jesus told us to minister to others at their point of need, as if we were caring for him.  He provided concrete examples of what such ministry looks like:  feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting those imprisoned and the like.

 Am I implementing the Great Commandment?   Jesus insisted we practice loving God, others and ourselves well.  Such love pulls into Christ’s mindset, one in which rights and privileges give way in favor of sacrifice.

The three questions fuse mind, heart and actions.  They focus our time and energy on the matters important to Christ.   Centered in Christ by means of the three questions, we become able to move into and engage the world without losing our way.



Mike Smith

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Mike Smith serves as Senior Pastor of Central Baptist Church of Fountain City, Knoxville, Tenn. He is co-author of "Mount and Mountain: A Reverend and a Rabbi Talk About the Ten Commandments."

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