Don’t be “that” wedding pastor

This video of a pastor at a wedding is getting a lot of attention from sites like CNN and Gawker.

Please, pastors, next time don’t be “that” pastor. Do your homework and talk with photographer ahead of time. And, don’t be a jerk about it.


Alan Rudnick

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Alan Rudnick has been featured on television, radio, print, and social media and serves as the Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Ballston Spa, NY. He has quickly established himself as a leader, blogger, and commentator in the areas of faith, Christianity, ministry, and social media. He is the author of, “The Work of the Associate Pastor”, Judson Press. Alan’s writing has been featured with the Albany Times Union, The Christian Century, Associated Baptist Press, and The Fund of Theological Education.

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  • RevDave71

    I am both a pastor AND a wedding photographer. That explains my continual internal conflict.

  • Michael Poole

    Yeh. Sure. “It’s about God.” That’s why God’s “representative” looks like an idiot. And that’s why God looks like an idiot to most of those outside the religious world. It’s about control and ego. I’m sympathetic. Been there. Done that. Don’t wanna ever go back. While God understands, the celebrants and guests most likely are thinking: Jerk.