Best part of ‘The Bible’ was on social media

I really was not expecting much from The History Channel’s “The Bible” but it made for some interesting discussion on social media. Folks on Facebook and Twitter really had fun with the ‘epic’ story.

Many hailed “The Bible” as on par with “The Lord of the Rings”. It wasn’t. One reviewer said, “It has a huge budget, so expect polish and high drama in the mould of historical epics like Game of Thrones. There will be violence. There will be deception. There will be fire.” Well, maybe it wasn’t that epic.

“The Bible” was good. I enjoyed it. I had low expectations. But, this was a History Channel production. I quickly realized that if you want to tell the story of The Bible, you have to have characters like Noah narrating Genesis 1 & 2. You have to take some liberties. Angels fighting with jujitsu, for one. But, the writers managed to make sure Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt. With a $22 million budget, you can’t make everything happen.

For “The Bible” didn’t do, it did achieve something notable. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook were afire with comments. Here’s a few from Twitter:

Social Media provided the laughs and the show provided the fuel. I’ll keep watching the series, but I think you should check out what is being talked about on social media. Follow me on Twitter for some pithy quotes and witty comments.

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