BWA annual gathering is about relationships

On Saturday I left for Santiago, Chile to attend the Annual Gathering of the Baptist World Alliance. I look forward to seeing current friends and making new friends from throughout the world.

Periodically I am asked by a Baptist in North America why I would spend a week and several thousand dollars to attend a gathering of Baptists on another continent. Either they are saying they are envious, or they are really questioning the value.

I must admit it is an easy question for me to answer since I have been in and around BWA activities for most of my life.  Also, I lead the North American Baptist Fellowship. As my friend, Daniel Vestal, of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship says, “It is about relationships.” Here is how I would drill down and express various aspects of these relationships.

First, it is about People. It is about building relationships with Baptists from throughout the world around a common faith and a common community. It is perhaps a global Acts 2 church. I see people who inspire me by their commitment to the gospel, the risks they take to minister, and the actual physical harm they face.

Second, it is about Prayer. When you have a relationship with people from throughout the world and know their personal and ministry stories, then you can pray more appropriately for them, and they for you. It helps you to pray about real people in real ministry situations in parts of the world where travel and even communication may be difficult.

Third, it is about Perspective. Too often we are myopic in our perspective on the ministry situation of kindred Baptists. We see things primarily from the ethos and cultural of our own part of the Baptist world. We do not realize the true diversity of Baptists in the more than 200 organized Baptist denominations around the world.

Fourth, it is about Partners. At the gathering laypersons, pastors, and denominational leaders learn more about the ministry needs of current and potential partners in ministry, and how to best connect with them, channel resources in their direction, and learn and be blessed by them. They also have much to offer us for our ministry.

Fifth, it is about Principles. Yes, there are theological dialogues at a BWA gathering, but more than that there are dialogues and actions around applied theology as we address issues of missional engagement, liberty, religious freedom, and human rights. Baptists are a big voice in countries where they do not necessarily have big numbers.

Sixth, it is about Promotion. Make no mistake about it. The more than 120 North Americans who will be present in Santiago this week will be the object of promotion both formally and informally. We still have the largest number of Baptists in the world and the greatest economic capacity. There will be opportunities to learn how to focus our resources.

Seventh, it is about Pictures. I can always count on my ministry colleague Yutaka Takarada, a leader among Japanese Baptists in North America, to take thousands of pictures at each annual gathering so we can see the faces of real people who are as deeply Baptist as you and me.

If you missed the opportunity of Santiago, do not worry. I will post several times from Chile to share with you what is going on. Next year the BWA Annual Gathering will be in Jamaica.

George Bullard

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George is President of The Columbia Partnership at, This is a Christian ministry organization that seeks to transform the North American Church for vital and vibrant ministry. It primarily does this through the FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community. See George is the author of three books: Pursuing the Full Kingdom Potential of Your Congregation, Every Congregation Needs a Little Conflict, and FaithSoaring Churches. George is also General Secretary [executive coordinator] of the North American Baptist Fellowship at This is one of the six regions of the Baptist World Alliance. George holds is Senior Editor of TCP Books at More than 30 books have been published on congregational leadership issues.

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  • Gary Gupton

    ‘George Bullard’ – I saw your name in the list of Authors in the site while searching for blogs by Jayne Davis, Pastor of Spiritual Formation at First Baptist Church of Wilmington, NC. Suspecting that you were the same who presented at the Hopeful Imagination conference ‘a couple’ of years ago, where I was your ‘assistant’ of sorts, I decided to write you a line. Hope all is well and that your mission to Chile was successful.