• Jack

    Greg Jarell says: To be white in America, especially to be a middle-class white person in America, in part means that you can live, like me, with the illusion that everyone is always supposed to believe you. White parents – like me – do not have to teach their kids to be prepared for a suspicious merchant or to give a lesson on how to deal with a police officer or security guard.
    Reply: Greg it is time to let the 1960s go. It is now the 21st Century. The President is black, the Attorney General is black, we have had black Secretary of States. In Oklahoma the Chief Justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court and the Speaker of the Oklahoma House are black. In my family I have blacks, American Indians, and Arabs. Before you say I am prejudice ask them that question. No it is time to let the 1960s be history. What we need to do is start working to find solutions to the fact that over 50% of all black children grow up in a fatherless home. We need to look and see if all of the social programs are helping or actually hurting black families. Again we need to quit whining about what was wrong in the 1960s and work to correct some of the problems that black families have now.