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July-Aug 2014 coverIn the July/August edition of Herald: 

• Editor’s letter

"We are frustrated when anyone defies easy pigionholing. Those people float above and beyond our color-coded filing system, refusing to land in one folder or the other. Joel Gregory is one of those maddening people."

• News & Trends

A compliation of news briefs which includes a roundup of Baptist summer meetings and an update on the recent Ebola and Malaria crises in Africa.

• Five approaches to ministry some churches are exploring (and maybe yours should, too)

Measurements of a church’s success are no longer as simplistic as baptisms and Sunday school attendance. In the past few months, APBnews/Herald has examined online these approaches to evaluate congregations’ effectiveness in being the presence of Christ in their communities.

• Taking on life

By Jeff Brumley

Crossing the country on his Harley, seeking healing for fellow Greatest Generation veterans, heading top universities — for Bruce Heilman, it’s always been about doing.

• The rise and fall and rise again of Joel Gregory

By Marv Knox

Joel Gregory’s rise to prominence in the Southern Baptist Convention was meteoric. His fall was just as spectacular — and painfully public. Now, though, the preacher says the trajectory offered him a measure of both graceand humanity.

• Grappling with the changing sociology of Sunday

By Bill Leonard

Changes in culture’s attitude toward the first day of the week aren’t temporary flashes in the ecclesiastical pan, and American religious history may offer clues for dealing with the current religio-cultural transitions.

• A little soul but no blues

By Bob Allen

A church’s free meals make life bearable for the unemployed in a north Georgia town.

• Profile: Charles Watson

Interview by Robert Dilday

Charles Watson Jr. is a Baptist-endorsed chaplain. But at 33 he’s found what’s likely to be a lifelong passion — advocating for religious liberty. As education and outreach specialist for the Washington-based Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, the Georgia native aims to expand the base of support for religious liberty and engage the next generation of advocates.

• Seven reasons why digital metrics matter to your church

By Natalie Aho

Businesses are so desperate for your feedback, they will waste paper and give away cash in exchange for your opinion. Yet, most church staff seldom pause long enough to wonder, “How do people think we are doing?”

• Benedictory: Blowin' in the wind

By Colleen Swingle-Titus

“Though far from nomadic (and, there is no VW van parked in my drive), I certainly fully feel that free love and peace thing blowing in the wind, at least when I lean into it.”


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