Current Issue of Herald Magazine (Sept-Oct 2014)

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Sept-Oct2014coverIn the September/October edition of Herald: 

• Editor’s letter

"In retrospect, it all seems so easy."

• News & Trends

A compilation of news briefs which includes a roundup of Baptist summer meetings and an update on the recent Ebola and Malaria crises in Africa.

• The soul's dark night

By Jeff Brumley

Ministers are acknowledging that for churches to adopt a different attitude toward mental illness, clergy will have to be transparent about their own struggles.

• Shifting sands: Seminaries at the crossroads

By Norman Jameson

Shifts in American religious life have theological institutions navigating the shifting sands of an era that has left the old but not yet arrived at the new. And graduates feel those winds of change most acutely as they leave seminary and enter a religious world that is shifting also.

• Breaking the power of the dour hour

By Norman Jameson

This comedian-preacher is breaking other barriers, too — including the glass ceiling.

• Remain a slave or die in the wilderness

By Susan Sparks

If we say “No” to God’s call long enough, we stop hearing it.

• Singing from the same page — but is it with a choir or a praise band?

By Jeff Brumley

Churches are increasingly opting for praise bands to assist in leading music in worship instead of a church choir. But some Christian musicians say abandoning choirs is a bad idea.

• Is the traditional church sinking in a communication storm?

By Natalie Aho

Today it’s all about strategy and it’s essential.

• Benedictory: No room for wimps

By Lindsay Bergstrom

“My mom has said to me many times through the years that 'getting old is not for sissies.' And you know what? I’m really beginning to believe her.”


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