With one Southern Baptist (Ted Cruz) running for president and another (Mike Huckabee) expected to do the same, some are asking why planners of this year’s SBC Pastors Conference June 14-15 in Columbus, Ohio, are inviting Ben Carson, a Seventh-day Adventist, to speak.

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From fundamentalism and financial uncertaintly to apathy and the centrality of the web, Baptist journalists celebrated the 25th anniversary of Associated Baptist Press.

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Terrell Carter — himself African-American — says perceptions about racism in the Ferguson police department are accurate but that many churches condemning cops are also rife with racism.

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A new book by communications professor Carl Kell tells the story of the 1980s SBC “holy war” through the eyes of sons and daughters of moderates disenfranchised by the fray.

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Conservatives say a Washington florist found guilty of violating the state’s anti-discrimination law for refusing to take part in a same-sex wedding is being punished for being true to her Southern Baptist beliefs.

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Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Jason Allen says Southern Baptists are enjoying a golden era of theological education.

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The author of a book examining why the most egregious racial injustice in American history found root in the heart of the Bible Belt says the SBC should stop pretending the denomination was organized due to pure missionary zeal.

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Russell Moore says he sees God working in places “most distant from Christianity,” while those “that are kind of close to a Christian worldview” are “the hardest to the gospel right now.”

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Monday, 05 January 2015 06:05

What I have said about torture since 2006

Reviewing my engagement against torture since 2006, in light of Christian complicity and the Senate CIA report. 

Thawing relations between the U.S. and Cuba follows relationships that have been building for years between Baptists in the two countries.

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