Who’s blessing whom?

Scott Dickison

With blessings, once you start, it’s hard to stop.

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Your world is too small

Brett Younger

People who know only those like themselves begin to think God is like them.

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Holy dreams

Molly T. Marshall

Envisioning a different world and giving oneself to bring it about.

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God have mercy: A Latina prayer

Nora Lozano

Racial dynamics are complex and I recognize that often I do not know how to pray.

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Beyond belief

Corey Fields

Ryan Bell says he spent a year without God. I would suggest that such an experiment is not possible.

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Reflecting on the contributions of Martin Luther King Jr.

David Gushee

On this year’s holiday, here are seven things I admire deeply about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

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Inclusion reflex

Jason Coker

What would it look like for us to condition ourselves and our young ones to include rather than exclude?

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Our hidden addiction

Bill Wilson

It preys on individuals and ensnares congregations.

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Tasting the Kingdom

Bill Leonard

An experience at a congregation whose “liturgy may be blown away by the Spirit at any moment.”

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Imagining our best selves

Amy Butler

Remembering the baptism of Jesus as each new year rolls around is a powerful overlap.

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Vulnerability in the Body of Christ

Aileen Lawrimore

We know we’re wearing costumes. What we don’t believe is that anyone else is wearing one.

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The spiritual practice of running the race

Jayne Davis

Reflections on a 5K

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Gaining theological heft

Molly T. Marshall

Without the discerning guidance of the Holy Spirit, we cannot both conserve and innovate.

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Next trip to the fridge, think on this

Doyle Sager

God cares deeply about physical as well as spiritual hunger.

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Abraham was wrong

Kyle Henderson

That’s what happens when we stay in a foreign land too long; we adopt foreign ways.

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