What do Jimmy Fallon, Ernie Banks and Pope Francis have in common?

Doyle Sager

It’s all about joy.

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Private school vouchers: The forbidden fruit

Kyle Henderson

They always come with strings attached.

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Killing Kelly: An open letter to Georgia's Christian citizens

David Gushee

An open letter to Georgia’s Christian citizens on the eve of a controversial scheduled execution.

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All politics is local? Forget it.

John Chandler

All politics is global. And so is all of congregational life.

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There’s no danger in raising questions

Starlette McNeill

Too often, the church is seen as allergic to them.

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Uncoerced faith remains a burning question

Bill Leonard

Some Baptists in the 17th century asserted that “not the gallows, nor the prisons, nor burning, nor banishing” can defend Christianity. We would do well to listen to them.

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Answering God’s call isn’t like choosing the right door

Amy Butler

Finding what we’re meant to do with our lives is a messy, gritty, beautiful, painful, scary walk through the desert.

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How can you love God but hate your neighbor? You can’t.

Scott Dickison

Before we can turn and tune our hearts to God, we must first turn and tune our hearts to each other.

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Six words to describe a life: Saints don’t know they are saints

Brett Younger

They don’t act like good people. They are good people.

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Religion’s week from hell

Molly T. Marshall

More urgent than ever is the need for a coherent and compassionate approach to the reality of living in a religiously plural world.

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Why I struggle with Ash Wednesday

Nora Lozano

If you find something uncomfortable, keep exploring it.

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The forgotten art of living together

Corey Fields

Christians are uniquely positioned to model community as God intended it.

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Making sense of climate change

David Gushee

An ethicist son joins with his scientist father in a co-written article about the science, politics and ethics of climate change. 

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Who decides what it means to ‘be a man’?

Jason Coker

Christians have an important responsibility to be part of changing cultural stereotypes of masculinity.

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The two most dangerous words

Bill Wilson

First we agree. Then we insist on exceptions.

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