A group from Baylor University’s Louise Herrington School of Nursing ventured to Africa to hone skills they will need as medical missionaries.

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Baylor University President Ken Starr and other experts maintain the state of religious liberty is at its lowest point in recent history.

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Scholar, author and lecturer Greg Garrett says popular books and films dealing with afterlife issues reveal the spiritual questions of many Americans, including those who are unaffiliated with churches.

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Meaningful transformation in the United States will require a willingness to “change the narrative” of race and justice, author and criminal justice reform advocate Bryan Stevenson says.

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A series of Lilly Foundation grants and several large-scale evangelistic events demonstrate the continued importance and effectiveness of preaching. But being relevant without catering to the culture is a challenge.

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Whether it's philothropic giving or tithing in the church, cultavating a sense of thankfulness will often motivate young and old alike to give.

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The donation from a Dallas couple will advance freedom of conscience, say school’s leaders.

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Baylor theologian and ethicist Roger Olson has been championing Arminianism as an alternative to Calvinism since the 1990s. 

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A new ministry model is showing results in a beleagured Dallas neighborhood, where innovative ministries and programs are sparking transformation in crime rates, health care and education.

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A Baylor University study finds that only half of youth ministers are trained to deal with depressed youth — and even fewer say they feel qualified to do so.

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