Rescued on a cold winter night, the aging Peruvian woman has warmed hearts and received support from ministries and fellow immigrants.

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Nearly 70,000 refugees were resettled in the United States in 2014, according to the federal government. Each one represents an opportunity to fufill Scripture's command to safeguard the stranger and the poor, say ministers. 

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A poll shows that most evangelicals support comprehensive immigration reform, prompting some to assure legislators they have the needed support to enact legislation promoting border security and a path to citizenship. 

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Officials say Vanuatu, a South Pacific archipelago and one of the world’s poorest nations, could run out of food in as little as a week.

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A move by an Atlanta megachurch pastor who asked his followers to pay for a new private jet while thousands around him struggle economically ought to challenge all churches to re-examine their financial priorities, say Baptist pastors.

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Terrell Carter — himself African-American — says perceptions about racism in the Ferguson police department are accurate but that many churches condemning cops are also rife with racism.

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From the South to the Northeast, churches in varying degrees are being affected this winter by extremes of cold, snow and ice.

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A new book by communications professor Carl Kell tells the story of the 1980s SBC “holy war” through the eyes of sons and daughters of moderates disenfranchised by the fray.

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A quarter century after forming to resist fundamentalism in the Southern Baptist Convention, theology professor Roger Olson says the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is increasingly polarizing over liberal views gaining ground in the originally moderate group.

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The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Governing Board has formed an ad hoc committee to get a head start on policy and funding recommendations likely to result from a strategic planning process initiated by the new CBF Missions Council.

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