Author of a new book titled Changing Our Mind, Baptist ethicist David Gushee says the traditional way of interpreting the Bible’s message about homosexuality hurts and marginalizes people and is the opposite of what Jesus taught.

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CBF theologian-in-residence David Gushee sees an opportunity to revive a social witness weakened by Southern Baptist Convention controversy in the last century.

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If this is where you get off the bus on this journey through the LGBT issue, here are seven things you and all of us can do. 

How even ardent traditionalists now (sometimes) acknowledge the existence of gay Christians.

Historic Christian understandings of sexuality are being reevaluated due to evidence offered in the lives of those who do not fit the norm, together with associated research and mental health efforts. 

Monday, 03 February 2014 22:36

Sunrise, sunset: The Church in America today

Across the United States, many churches are fading, some churches are closing, and a handful of churches are surging with explosive growth. What makes the difference?

Friday, 01 March 2013 14:56

Professor facilitates tough debates

Mercer professor David Gushee believes conversations that are uncomfortable are sometimes the most important.

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In moving this summer from Union University to Mercer University I transitioned from a school that moves in the orbit of the Southern Baptist Convention to an institution that moves in the orbit of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.
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(ABP) -- The national debate raging over health-care reform has become a maelstrom of competing claims and counterclaims. It has been deeply infected by political demagoguery and hysteria.
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Moderate Baptists have distinguished themselves from their more conservative and fundamentalist brothers and sisters for a generation through their elevation of freedom of conscience to a near-absolute good. While the conservatives who came to dominate the Southern Baptist Convention increasingly focused on defining and requiring (their particular version of) doctrinal orthodoxy, moderate Baptists proclaimed that freedom of individual conscience before God is a more distinctive Baptist principle than doctrinal conservatism.

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