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EDITORIAL: Duty demands it

Last week, Bill Webb, an editor colleague from Missouri, and I sat with an interpreter and listened to heart-breaking accounts from Syrian refugees of life and death. And hopelessness. In Syrian refugees, the Christian church has one of the greatest opportunities ever afforded to demonstrate Christ’s love.

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Recalling an event that happened more than 30 years ago, I can still remember the icy cold feeling in the pit of my stomach. My wife, Connie, and I were enjoying a very rare Friday evening away from church activities.

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I am scratching my head wondering how the New Baptist Covenant II, supported philosophically and theologically by so many Baptists, drew such meager attendance? Meeting in Atlanta and seven other locations linked by satellite, some NBC II optimists initially placed the attendance potential at 30,000.

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Monday, 24 October 2011 20:00

EDITORIAL: Dancing for joy at the BGAV

Around the Virginia Baptist Resource Center, days are filled with preparations for the Baptist General Association’s annual meeting. But this year something new is added. Never before in our 183 years of publication have we provided instructions on the BGAV Celebration Dance.

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When 85-year old Bruce Heilman spoke to the motorcyclists who gathered at Eagle Eyrie Baptist Conference Center Sept. 30-Oct. 1, they listened with interest. When they discovered that he had ridden his own Harley to the event, they were all ears.

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Radical obedience. That’s what Kristin Clifton’s life is all about these days. For the next two years, as a Virginia Baptist Venturer, Clifton will be living in Vijayawada, India. There she will be assisting B.V.R. Rao and his team of volunteers at the Pearly Gates Child Development Center and the newly created Mother and Child Care Center in Vijayawada. In addition, she will spend a portion of her time working with Woman’s Missionary Union of India.

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Friday, 29 July 2011 20:00

EDITORIAL: Where the Spirit moves

Like an elephant in the room, China cannot be ignored. Apart from its growing economic prowess and global influence, of particular interest to Christians worldwide is the Chinese Church. The only explanation for the growth we see among the Chinese is that the Spirit of God is moving.
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Sunday, 16 January 2011 19:00

EDITORIAL: 22 years of therapy -- for free

The editorial theme we and our New Voice Media partners chose for this issue has to do with the support ministers (and others) can give each other. Although I have mentioned it in previous editorials, I feel compelled be more specific without betraying confidences.

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WISE, Va. -- More than 1,500 people, all of them needing some kind of medical attention, converged on the remote area medical clinic (RAM) held July 23-25 in Wise.

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If the new governor gets his way, Virginians will be buying their booze from privately-owned liquor stores rather than from the state-operated ABC stores we have currently. At least those Virginians who buy booze in the first place will be.

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