Friday, 06 September 2013 09:28

Church shares passion for orphan soles

South Main Baptist Church in Houston has hit the 100,000 mark in Buckner International's long-running campaign to provide shoes to impoverished children around the world.

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Wednesday, 04 September 2013 11:45

Like parents, like daughter

Leah Anderson Reed follows her parents, CBF field peronnel Anna and LaCount Anderson, into ordained ministry — despite seing the ups-and-downs she witnessed as a preacher's kid.

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Monday, 26 August 2013 13:33

Suffer little children

The number of poor children is on the rise, but “family values” politicians continue to advocate policies that benefit the “1 percent.”

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Thursday, 01 August 2013 13:38

On the margins

Whatever else we know about the Deity as represented in Jesus the Christ, it is that God is on the side of the poor.

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Monday, 29 July 2013 11:47

Youth trip boosts Miss. Delta town

Groundwork laid by CBF pastor and Shaw, Miss., native Jason Coker enabled youth from Houston's South Main Baptist Church to host a VBS program that many credit for helping bridge a racial gap in the impoverished and segregated town.

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With Congress planning to recess Aug. 5 before addressing budget sequestration, Christian leaders issued a reminder that lawmakers must make hungry and poor people a priority as they consider the nation’s fiscal challenges.

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A McCreary County family is the eighth chosen to benefit from Kentucky Baptist Fellowship's Extreme Build project that builds low-cost homes in Kentucky's poorest county.

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Sunday, 05 May 2013 20:00

Ministry gets artsy with fundraising

Touching Miami with Love auctions artwork by students and professionals to feed impoverished youth.

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Tuesday, 09 April 2013 13:34

Mother’s Day hunger goal $1 million

Each year Texas Baptists observe Mother’s Day with an offering to help mothers in need put food on their tables.

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Friday, 22 March 2013 15:19

Baptists go after payday loans

Acting against predatory lending is both biblical and Baptist.

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