Leaders can empower congregations to move with confidence and joy into God’s future.

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Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Jason Allen says Southern Baptists are enjoying a golden era of theological education.

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Seen as too charismatic or Catholic by some, the use of physical movement to enhance spirituality is catching on at more and more churches. But there is a long way to go, experts say.

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Monday, 01 December 2014 14:30

For SBC, 1984 was the year of the pivot

At mid-point in the battle then raging in the Southern Baptist Convention, a conservative victory appeared far from certain. But in retrospect, 1984 looks like the pivotal year which set the convention on a new course.

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Shifts in American religious life have theological institutions navigating unfamiliar landscape.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014 02:32

Shifting sands: Preaching abstinence

Looking to avoid seminary debt? Don’t borrow.

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What happens when there’s no time for theological education?

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Some ministers also value the close contact with the “real world.”

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Does flexibility in theological education create its own market?

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Most counseling classes offered focus on premarital and couples issues, family concerns or dealing with grief.

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