Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley is assistant editor of Baptist News Global.

Pastors say continuing demonstrations have the signs of a signficant movement for racial healing in America, and that churches must help lead the effort.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 14:15

Baptist groups aid Syrian refugees through winter

The organizations are sending money to help war victims during the coldest months of the year. 

Musician members of All Souls Charlottesville offer eclectic music styles on an album that ministers describe as a way to engage the church community and its neighbors.

The growing popularity of Death Cafe and other movements suggests that Americans are increasingly willing to talk about their own deaths and that of their loved ones.

Baylor theologian and ethicist Roger Olson has been championing Arminianism as an alternative to Calvinism since the 1990s. 

Holiday services of remembrance aim to comfort those grieving by communally acknowledging individual suffering in a season typically characterized as joyful and family-oriented. 

Alina Carbonell’s “trial by fire” influences her leadership at the congregation which worships at First Baptist Church in Gainesville, Ga.

Once-a-year gatherings with largely symbolic significance must be accompanied by relationships to work through difficult issues, says longtime participant in interfaith conversations.

And they predict those turned off by Christianity may be attracted to congregations that are more intentional about worship.

But one Baptist pastor thinks that may reflect unrealistic expectations of church.

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