Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley is assistant editor of Baptist News Global.

Instructors in a prison-based theology program say teaching death row inmate Kelly Gissendaner and other women prisoners has helped them see life, ministry and faith from a new perspective.

From the South to the Northeast, churches in varying degrees are being affected this winter by extremes of cold, snow and ice.

Johns Creek Baptist Church in Georgia has quit Sunday school in favor of Sunday communities for its adult age groups. The communities, taught by rotating teachers, provide pastoral care and social opportunities for their members.

While an increasing number of churches, ministries and denominational groups see water poverty as an inviting missions field, experts say the ministry must be about more than hopping on planes, digging wells and returning home.

A Baptist World Alliance group met for the second of five meetings in an effort to overcome differences that bar Baptists and Methodists from more effective mission together.

Last year, Kent McKeever wore an orange prison jumpsuit for Lent to empathize with former prisoners and others on the margins of society. This year, he's waging a campaign to convince employers to give ex-cons a fair shake in the hiring process.

Ink, watercolor and sketches help John Jay Alvaro preach every Sunday morning. It's a process that's also popular for devotionals and note-taking in church. 

The group of interfaith clergy from Richmond, Va., including First Baptist Church Senior Pastor Jim Somerville, returned convinced peace among nations, religions and people is attainable.

Inviting young, developing ministers into the full ministry experience can invigorate congregations while providing the larger church with talented clergy capable of avoiding burnout. 

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And the arts are at the heart of this Christian community.

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