Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley is assistant editor of Baptist News Global.

A Barna Group study shows most Americans care more about family than they do faith, leading Baptist and other experts to urge churches to adopt ministry strategies to meet those concerns.

While still uncommon among evangelical churches, some Baptists are adamant that Good Friday services are vital to a full appreciation and experience of Christ's resurrection.

Nearly 70,000 refugees were resettled in the United States in 2014, according to the federal government. Each one represents an opportunity to fufill Scripture's command to safeguard the stranger and the poor, say ministers. 

Author and blogger Jarrid Wilson says posers are those who claim Jesus but don’t put him at the center of their lives. Some ministers couldn’t agree more.

A poll shows that most evangelicals support comprehensive immigration reform, prompting some to assure legislators they have the needed support to enact legislation promoting border security and a path to citizenship. 

A new suvery of American values shows the religiously unaffiliated now as one of the top three faith groups in the United States along with Catholics and white evangelicals.

A move by an Atlanta megachurch pastor who asked his followers to pay for a new private jet while thousands around him struggle economically ought to challenge all churches to re-examine their financial priorities, say Baptist pastors.

Scholar, author and lecturer Greg Garrett says popular books and films dealing with afterlife issues reveal the spiritual questions of many Americans, including those who are unaffiliated with churches.

A Baptist Women in Ministry conference call featured Baptist ministers sharing their experiences as moms-to-be while preaching and teaching.

Terrell Carter — himself African-American — says perceptions about racism in the Ferguson police department are accurate but that many churches condemning cops are also rife with racism.

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