10 things Millennials DON’T say about church

Aileen Lawrimore

Such as, “I felt too connected there. That church included me as an active part of ministry. I’d much rather be a project than a partner.”

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‘It is finished’: The spiritual practice of daily examen

Jayne Davis

What opportunities did you take and those that you didn’t?

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Is love a mandate or an emotion?

Molly T. Marshall

It’s a long-term attitude of the heart that must be learned.

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Suicide: many questions, few answers

Doyle Sager

But there must be a way forward.

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Jesus’ law of respecting persons

Kyle Henderson

Putting “civil” back into the equation.

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Prayers for Holy Week

David Gushee

Holy Week prayers from the author's co-edited 2012 book, Yours is the Day, Lord, Yours is the Night.

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The powers of two

John Chandler

We’ve looked for too long in the direction of the lone genius. We should watch the sparks that fly in creative pairs.

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Christ’s body image

Starlette McNeill

We have nipped our doctrines and tucked away our history to hide our age in hopes of connecting.

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At Lent: Sin, evil and us

Bill Leonard

To believe that God acted in Jesus to redeem us is the great hope and gamble of Christian faith.

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Understanding one’s life as part of God’s work of redemption

Amy Butler

There is extended to each of us a perpetual invitation to live into the possibility God holds for each of our lives.

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We’ll all end up in Rosemary

Scott Dickison

Putting flesh and bones on a disembodied Christianity.

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Leaving Fred Craddock’s funeral, yearning just to be Christian

Brett Younger

Remembering a man who invited preachers to stop teaching the lessons of Scripture and start telling the stories of faith.

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Seminaries and graduates and churches, oh my!

Molly T. Marshall

Leaders can empower congregations to move with confidence and joy into God’s future.

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How do we change history?

Nora Lozano

We cannot rest until all women and men are liberated from the weight and curse of sexism.

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When boundaries don’t behave

Corey Fields

Christians must learn to see Jesus as the well in the center of a pasture more than belief as the fence around a pasture.

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