Next trip to the fridge, think on this

Doyle Sager

God cares deeply about physical as well as spiritual hunger.

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Abraham was wrong

Kyle Henderson

That’s what happens when we stay in a foreign land too long; we adopt foreign ways.

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What I have said about torture since 2006

David Gushee

Reviewing my engagement against torture since 2006, in light of Christian complicity and the Senate CIA report. 

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The dark intersection of technology and sexuality

John Chandler

Sex has become less about procreation, more about commerce and technology.

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The race problem: when you’re tired of eating elephant

Starlette McNeill

Some of us are all too familiar with the taste.

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Epiphanic moments

Bill Leonard

Changing the way we view the world.

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On saying goodbye and saying hello

Amy Butler

While all that is new does not negate the pain of separation, learning to see with new eyes helps to ease the pain.

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A ‘Matthew’ kind of year

Scott Dickison

But the Gospel holds some healing potential for us today.

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Let’s keep Herod in Christmas

Brett Younger

Walmart sells a variety of plastic nativity scenes for the yard, but there are no glow-in-the-dark King Herods.

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Overtaken by joy

Molly T. Marshall

God delights to use what the world scorns, and thereby allows unexpected joy to break in.

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Crossing borders during Christmas

Nora Lozano

God set the pattern.

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Christmas wasn’t Scrooge’s problem

Corey Fields

He just didn’t know those who lived in poverty.

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For unto us a child is born

David Gushee

“For unto us a child is born”: Reflections on a grandson, 2014, and Christmas.

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Skin tax

Jason Coker

What does it cost in America if your skin isn’t white?

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Vision and venture at Advent

Bill Wilson

We don’t need more churches enticed to dream of a dynamic future, only to be disappointed when nothing changes.

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