How Hurricane Hugo broke a racial barrier

George Bullard

A story of Hope — and Greater Hope.

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Weeping prophets, deep lament

Greg Jarrell

The way to flourishing is through suffering. Hope can come no other way.

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The day I agreed with Satan

Seth Vopat

I’m also ready for a superstar Jesus.

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‘We admitted we were powerless’

Marion D. Aldridge

Lives are changed by listening to the wisdom of people who deal daily with someone who is addicted.

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You can do something about declining Christian influence

Marv Knox

But by listening, respecting and loving, not by upbraiding and chastising.

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The commandment (most) Baptists break

Doyle Sager

And it’s not adultery or stealing.

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RG3, false persecution and Christianity

Alan Rudnick

At times, it will be inconvenient to be a Christian, but that’s no reason to skew the truth.

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HIPPA and church prayer requests

Mike Greer

Medical privacy laws may not legally apply to congregations, but they ought to honor it.

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Finding God in the in-between times

Rob Lee

The waiting game may be stressful, but there’s plenty of grace there.

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Forever asking, what’s the next right thing?

Eric Minton

Because, biblically speaking, there are no good old days.

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Stop making sense

Michael Ruffin

Instead live life gratefully, faithfully, hopefully, boldly, and even a little recklessly.

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The Ebola crisis: watch your language

Elizabeth Evans Hagan

How we express ourselves matters.

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Shallow congregations only take off their shoes and socks

George Bullard

What does it take to become fully immersed?

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Blowin' in the wind

Colleen Swingle-Titus

If I could best describe myself, it would be as a spiritual hippie. I’ve often felt I was born 10 years too late.

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Crisis or opportunity in a world where the Mayberrys have disappeared

Arville Earl

This is where being the presence of Christ becomes an adventure.

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