Advertising on Baptist News Global Platforms


Baptist News Global, an independent, nonprofit religion news organization, is the go-to information source for Baptists and other Christians across the nation. 

Our Name: Baptist News Global reflects the historic merger on January 1, 2014, of two respected news organizations. Associated Baptist Press was established in 1990 as the first and only independent news service created by and for Baptists. The Religious Herald was the 185-year-old newsjournal for Baptists in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic.

Our Audience: Our readers are the leaders, decision-makers and opinion-shapers in Baptist life, including pastors, staff and key church leaders in more than 4,500 congregations nationwide. Our core demographic areas are the Southwest, South, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, from Texas to Virginia.

Our Digital and Print Platforms:, our flagship website, offers original news and features, nationally recognized columnists, a wide range of guest commentaries, and aggregated content from other religion news sources. The website is updated every weekday, so users are assured of the latest news and most relevant commentary. 

In January 2014, we launched Herald, BNG's magazine sent five times a year to donors, advocates and other stakeholders. Herald is mailed to members of our Annual Fund and to all other donors who have invested in our mission. It is sent to pastors and other ministry staff, state and national denominational leaders, executive staffs of funding partners and sponsor organizations, and to lay leaders in congregations across the country. 

Each week we publish two e-newsletters: Baptist News Global Today is distributed every business day and the Weekend Reader, a compilation of the entire week's news, goes out on Saturday. 

The Baptist News Global Perspectives complements our flagship website. All our news, feature and opinion content is also accessible via Twitter and Facebook.

Digital and Print Advertising: Banner and side box ads are available on and on the Baptist News Global Today e-newsletter sent every business day to email subscribers. Display ads are available in Herald magazine. Packages are available for a combination of digital and print advertising. Quantity discounts may be offered with a signed insertion order. 

Classified Advertising: Classified ads for staff positions on are $1.20 per word for 30 days and $2.00 per word for 60 days. Also, for $2.00 per word a classified can be placed on the website for 30 days and in one issue of Herald magazine. Classifieds for commercial firms are $2.00 per word for 30 days. 

Advertising Policy:  Advertising on any Baptist News Global platform or product is limited to goods and services that are consistent with our mission. We reserve the right to reject or cancel any advertising for any reason at any time, including but not limited to any advertisement that in our judgment does not meet the values and standards reflected in our mission and values as a nonprofit, Christian news organization. Advertising that does not conform to Baptist News Global editorial or graphics standards also may be cancelled or rejected. Ultimate responsibility for determining the acceptability of advertisements rests with the Executive Director and Publisher. 

We reserve the right to place the words "advertisement" or "paid advertisement" or other identifying terms on any advertisement. 

Advertisements do not necessarily represent the views or endorsements of Baptist News Global's staff or its board of directors. 

Contact:  To place your advertisement or to learn more about pricing, audience engagement or other details, call Barbara Francis at (904) 262-6626, ext. 8 or (804) 698-0749 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..