Cal Baptist lawsuit moves forward

A California judge rejected a Baptist university’s claim that it is exempt from a state law that bars discrimination based on gender identity.

By Bob Allen

California Baptist University lost a bid to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a transgender former student expelled after revealing on MTV’s “True Life” that she is biologically male.

domaineDomaine Javier, 26, filed a lawsuit Feb. 25 accusing the private Christian school affiliated with the California Southern Baptist Convention of breach of contract and violation of state anti-discrimination laws.

The university claims as a private institution based on religious beliefs, it is not covered by a state law that bars discrimination based on gender identity.

The Riverside, Calif., Press-Enterprise reported May 7 that Riverside County Superior Court Judge Matthew Perantoni refused to dismiss the case, however, allowing it to move forward.

The university contends that Javier lied on an admission application by indicating she is female. She says she was being truthful, because she has viewed herself that way since childhood.

The 6,000-student university started in 1950 describes its mission as “providing a Christ-centered educational experience that integrates academics with spiritual and social development opportunities” and challenging graduates “to become individuals whose skills, integrity and sense of purpose glorify God and distinguish them in the workplace and in the world.”