TRENDING: Leaders as motivators

Economist Tyler Cowen believes the new model for educational formation will be the “professor as impresario.” He predicts that as we think of forming new leaders, we will return to an ancient practice of face-to-face formation. What the Greeks did in the symposia and agora, the effective professor will do today. Read More

OPINION: God moved into the neighborhood

Have you ever had the opportunity to drive through an old neighborhood and thought, “Why haven’t they just bulldozed this whole place? This is a mess! This is an eyesore! The people still living here should get a medal.” How do we respond to a place like this?

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Bible Belt Baptists can learn from small Baptist minorities overseas

If they have ears to hear, Baptists in places like the United States’ Bible Belt, where Christianity is the norm, can learn lessons from Baptist minorities in other parts of the world, where their existence is more tenuous, Baptist World Alliance leaders insist.

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Humanitarian aid, human rights advocacy bolster Baptist witness

Aid and advocacy create a positive witness for Baptists globally, say leaders of the Baptist World Alliance. The amount of assistance the BWA grants is not large in terms of dollars, but it makes a big difference. So does concern for religious liberty and human rights. Read More