Family completed through foster-to-adopt program

SAN ANTONIO -- Timothy and Karen LeRoy of San Antonio realized fairly quickly after having difficulty getting pregnant that God was leading them away from infertility treatments and instead toward adoption. And the LeRoys' long journey to parenthood ended in an adoption finalized this month. Read More

Adoption and the Church

Pastor W.C. Martin heard God's commandment loud and clear. If God had adopted us into his heavenly family, why shouldn't we emulate him through adoption on earth? Read More

Parents of adopted child seek to help him learn his blended heritage

ROUND ROCK, Texas -- A family's heritage can be a great source of pride -- something parents carefully pass down to children so they know and embrace their culture. Read More

Christians have opportunities to shape lives through foster care

While Scripture advocates taking care of orphans and widows, the church has abdicated that responsibility to the state, some Christian child-advocates insist. Read More