Baptist leaders say the recent spate of African-Amerian church fires in the South have been disturbing — even when not ruled arson — because of the recent AME church shooting in South Carolina. 

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Speaking on Juneteenth, the oldest known celebration commemorating the end of American slavery, Marvin McMickle explained why relatively few African-Americans are vocal supporters of the separation of church and state.

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While much history is written about the role of organizations such as the Christian Life Commission in leading the Southern Baptist Convention to repent of its racist past, a panel of historians says black and white women had been working together as partners for many years.

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Communities, even police, may not be able to understand how relationships between the races may solve local tensions, according to Baptist ministers who have participated in interracial dialogue.

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While some see body cameras as a way to curb deadly police shootings like one in North Charleston, S.C., last weekend, others say systemic issues like police training and a gun-loving culture must also be addressed.

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Terrell Carter — himself African-American — says perceptions about racism in the Ferguson police department are accurate but that many churches condemning cops are also rife with racism.

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People of faith ought to be the first to begin dismantling systems that keep us apart.

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Racial tensions and racism in America were in part caused by Western Christians mistakenly equating race with biblical values, leading to divisive race issues in modern society, says a Duke University scholar.

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The author of a book examining why the most egregious racial injustice in American history found root in the heart of the Bible Belt says the SBC should stop pretending the denomination was organized due to pure missionary zeal.

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Congregations must make racial diversity a core value that guides hiring decisions, worship planning and every other facet of church life, Baptist ministers say.  

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