Jesus loves hippie churches

Brett Younger

And we need more of them.

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Can the Church and the minister afford each other?

Molly T. Marshall

A level of naiveté shapes some who enter congregational leadership and some church personnel committees fail to do the math on what commensurate schooling commands in the marketplace.

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I am an immigrant

Nora Lozano

I arrived in United States on a day like today, 28 years ago, with a student visa, one suitcase, $200 and many dreams.

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Soy una inmigrante

Nora O. Lozano

Llegué a los Estados Unidos en un día como hoy, hace 28 años, con una visa de estudiante, una maleta, $200 dólares y muchos sueños.

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Christian stuff the world needs, part 1: Welcome the stranger

Corey Fields

A plea for empathy — putting ourselves in another’s shoes — is so often what’s missing from conversations about immigration.

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The genericization of the evangelical church

Mark Wingfield

We have traded one form of uniformity for another, once again on the basis that this is “what works.”

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Political correctness, again

Jason Coker

It’s actually an attempt to be kind at least and inclusive at best.

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Are character and competence really that important?

Bill Wilson

If a church is experiencing low trust and conflict, chances are the root causes have to do with those two words.

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Jimmy Carter: Faith as verb

Bill Leonard

One cannot fully understand Carter’s life, work and present response to cancer apart from the centrality of his faith.

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4 reasons why preaching the lectionary might be right for your church

Amy Butler

Inevitably, one discovers again the layers of meaning and depth in the sacred text.

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Millennial ministry: It’s time we drop the adjective

Aileen Lawrimore

And stop trying so hard to attract them.

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The spiritual practice of listening

Jayne Hugo Davis

It means paying attention to the movement of God’s Spirit in us and in the voices and the stories of others.

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Cultivating generous giving

Molly T. Marshall

The checkbook tells where we locate our treasure and where our hearts reside.

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Sermon mistakes

Doyle Sager

Is it appropriate to correct your pastor? You bet.

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The rise of shadow work

John Chandler

Feeling swamped? It may be because you’re doing tasks you used to pay others to do.

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