God, give us rage

Jeff Hood

Let it not go out until we see justice face to face.

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#SayHerName: A shoutout to my sisters in the wilderness

Elijah Zehyoue

A story based on the Genesis account of Hagar (16:1-16, 21).

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The rules are for everyone else

John Chandler

While headlines frequently emerge of preachers behaving badly, it’s not just a preacher problem.

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Believing on our own terms

Starlette McNeill

We start to expect God’s hospitality and before long, we behave as if we deserve it.

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‘He’s in the classroom’

Bill Leonard

I’ve spent much of my adult life in the sacred space of classrooms, where student and teacher alike should confront the vulnerability of life and death ideas, but not life and death itself.

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Three steps your church can take to confront gun violence

Amy Butler

Changing the culture of our country will take the determined efforts of people all across America.

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Who’s blessing whom?

Scott Dickison

With blessings, once you start, it’s hard to stop.

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Why aren’t more Christians refusing service?

Brett Younger

More Christians could be on the front page if they took the rules as seriously as Kim Davis does.

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Women in the world of the Pope

Molly T. Marshall

Surely the marginalization of women in the church requires sustained attention.

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History, immigration and the future

Nora Lozano

We must recognize the glorious parts of history as well as those that are hurtful, distressing, embarrassing and perhaps shameful.

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La historia, la inmigración y el futuro

Nora O. Lozano

Necesitamos reconocer tanto las partes gloriosas de la historia así como también las dolorosas, perturbadoras, penosas y quizá hasta vergonzosas.

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Christian stuff the world needs, part 2: Lose your life

Corey Fields

The “self-made individual” is something of a virtue today, but the problem is that it’s a lie.

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Immigration: Where’s the line?

Mark Wingfield

Most pastors work hard to leave politics out of the pulpit. Sometimes, that results in leaving theology out of the pulpit, too.

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Never forget

Jason Coker

Some things cannot, and should not, be forgotten.

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Are denominational bodies doomed?

Bill Wilson

What the end of the “Institutional Denominational Era” means to the local church.

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