We’ve got a lot of race work to do in America

Marv Knox

The church should proclaim clearly and forcefully, “We’ve got this.”

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Is Jesus irrelevant to the immigration debate?

Alan Bean

Apply the vision of Jesus to the immigration crisis and you get a radical platform no sensible politician would touch.

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So very, kind of pretty much, thankful

Michael Ruffin

It’s both easy and difficult to give thanks.

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Giving thanks: A defining attitude

Barry Howard

Choosing an attitude of gratitude enriches life in more ways than you might think.

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On megachurches, Millennials and modernism

Eric Minton

What Frank Lloyd Wright can teach us about church’s true function.

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After Ferguson, a letter to my children

Greg Jarrell

None of us will be free until all of us are free.

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The season to ‘stir-it up’

Scott Dickison

Beginning with thanks for what God has given and ending with wonder at what God has done.

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Churches less inclined to look to denominations for resources

George Bullard

Denominations need to realize — they can’t provide everything to everyone.

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Endings and beginnings — both essential to healthy churches

David Hull

Finding a balance in the new and the old.

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Has church become a fairytale?

Seth Vopat

Youths need to see models of relationships in real life — including the hard ones.

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Balancing a congregation’s spiritual diet

Doyle Sager

It’s ironic that Baptists, who have divided over how much we believe the Bible, often spend very little time in worship services actually reading God’s Word aloud.

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We really do love you, honey, but …

Jonathan Waits

What happens when the child you expected isn’t the child you got?

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Connection between parents, children is at heart of ‘Interstellar’

Michael Parnell

It only looks like a science fiction film.

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The secret to congregational vitality

George Bullard

But it’s not a short-term fix.

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19.6 million — and my dad

John Jay Alvaro

Why we need a day to remember veterans.

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