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May-June2014 Herald coverIn the May/June edition of Herald: 

• Editor’s letter

"There is near unanimity that for disciples of Jesus, engaging the poor is a non-negotiable biblical mandate. If success is possible, it will start with that."

• News & Trends

A compliation of news briefs which includes: "Crisis on the border" and "10 Maya Angelou quotes that will inspire your faith." 

• 6 unconventional (for Baptists) ways to deepen your church’s spirituality

Want to ramp up the task of spiritual formation in your congregation? Sometimes the best place to look is over your shoulder to what’s worked in the past — the distant past. In the past few months, ABPnews/Herald has examined these ancient spiritual practices.

• On the streets

By Jeff Brumley

They don’t preach and they don’t condemn, but a small group of Baptist volunteers in Richmond, Va., is slowly building a community of prostitutes who understand God loves them — and that’s transformative. 

• War on poverty

By Robert Dilday

Fifty years after the nation marshaled its forces to eradicate poverty, about 46 million Americans are still numbered among the poor. That has to change, say Christians engaged in the issue.

• ‘We just need to be the church’

By Robert Dilday

Fifty years after the launch of the war on poverty, Carroll A. Baltimore Sr., president of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, evaluates the results in an interview with ABPnews/Herald.

 Jonathan Merritt reveals childhood abuse, questions about sexual identity

By Bob Allen

With his writing career in full swing, faith and culture author Jonathan Merritt ended a 2009 USA Today commentary with a challenge to his fellow evangelical Christians.

• Jonathan Merritt interview

In his latest book, Jonathan Merritt delves into a yearlong inward journey to recover a faith that had grown spiritually dry. Bob Allen of ABPnews/Herald asked him what led him to write Jesus is Better Than You Imagined and his view on other issues.

• Proving ground

By Greg Warner

Over a two decade period Passport Inc. has become a leadership incubator, nurturing a new kind of Baptist minister. That’s no surprise to the organization’s founders.

• 600 strong and counting

By Greg Warner

After 22 years of conducting summer camps, Passport boasts an army of 600 former camp staffers. Many say the camp experience helped them define their future ministry, they tell freelance writer Greg Warner.

• So your church members are wired. How do you organize all the social networking?

By Natalie Aho

Once social media becomes a part of your ministry and the conversation at your church, it can be overwhelming to manage.

• Benedictory: What's in a name?

By John Carroll

“Instead of talking about a war on poverty, we need to be talking about solidarity with the poor.”


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