Blogger moving on from Louisiana College to ‘ex-Muslim’ controversy in Georgia

J.D. Hall, a South Dakota pastor, blogger and broadcaster, says he is turning a page on one controversy and opening a new chapter on another.

By Bob Allen

A Baptist pastor who released documents that brought media scrutiny to alleged wrongdoing at Louisiana College says he is finished with that controversy and shifting focus to another Baptist college president accused in the past of lying about his “ex-Muslim” testimony that made him a regular on the Southern Baptist preaching circuit.

J.D. Hall, pastor of Southern Baptist-affiliated Fellowship Church of Sidney, Mont., said in a blog March 16 that questions he helped raise about the leadership of Louisiana College President Joe Aguillard and Louisiana Baptist Convention Executive Director David Hankins are now in the hands of Louisiana Baptists.

“As I have explained to Louisianan confidants from the beginning, I’m the man with the radio program,” said Hall host of “The Pulpit & Pen Program” podcast. “As soon as the information gets out there, my job is done.”

Hall, co-founder of Reformation Montana, said another reason he is through with the story is the “now-debunked” claim that problems at Louisiana College were caused by Calvinists plotting a takeover of the faculty. Hall said LC defenders will likely continue to dismiss his involvement as “a Calvinist conspiracy,” and he doesn’t want to “provide one more insane excuse to ignore the clear evidence.”

ergun canerHall said he is now turning attention to “The Caner Project,” a documentary film now in production about Ergun Caner, the new president of Brewton-Parker College in Georgia accused of inventing a story that he grew up overseas and was trained as a terrorist before accepting Christ. Caner allegedly scrubbed videos with contradictory versions of his testimony from the Internet.

“Only about 40 percent or so of the documentary is going to go into Ergun Caner’s lies,” Hall said in the March 14 “Pulpit & Pen” program that airs on Brannon Howse’s “Worldview Weekend” conservative Christian radio.

“The rest of the documentary is going to deal with his subsequent lack of repentance, because we don’t want anyone to say, ‘Well he has repented; he has apologized,’” Hall said. “We’re also going to be looking at the subsequent cover-up of those who continue to defend Ergun Caner without any semblance of having a Christian conscience.”

Hall said the documentary, produced by the Christian filmmaking ministry Crown Rights, should be ready for release at the 2014 Reformation Montana conference in June.

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