Article submissions and reprints

Guidelines for opinion article submissions

BNG is an independent, faith-based news organization that publishes original news, analysis and opinion at Our mission is to interpret Christianity and culture through compelling journalism that informs and motivates people of faith to make a difference in the world. We cover the people, events and ideas that are shaping American culture, Baptist life and its adjacent communities. We do so from a perspective that is Baptist in heritage and ecumenical in spirit.

Original Opinion Content

We rely on a cadre of columnists and regular opinion contributors for most of our opinion content. Unsolicited submissions are welcome, but please understand that we receive more submissions than we can review or publish. That said, we do our best to read and respond to all submissions or inquiries. We also publish Letters to the Editor. Click here for our guidelines.

We publish original, previously unpublished news and opinion. We do not pay a stipend for opinion articles. We publish timely, insightful and well-written articles that help advance our mission and support our content commitments as a nonprofit news organization. As a news organization, we give priority to submissions that address current issues and topics related to Christian faith. We do not publish devotionals, Bible study material or academic essays. We do not publish sermons, sermon excerpts or previously posted blogs.


Prospective writers should contact Mark Wingfield, BNG executive director and publisher, with inquiries about possible publication. We advise browsing our website and reading recently published opinion articles to get a sense of topics and style. All opinion content is expected to be relevant and timely, consistent with standards of excellence for a nonprofit news organization.

Republishing and permissions policy

Print Media: An organization or publication may, upon written request, reprint an original article in full, so long as: (1) the article is unchanged, and (2) BNG is clearly cited as the source, including the copyright statement “© [year] Baptist News Global. All rights reserved.”

Digital Media: An organization or publication may include a link to original content on BNG’s website, in keeping with the fair use doctrine. Only the original BNG headline and first paragraph of the article may be used with the link. Republishing original BNG content on other digital platforms is not permitted. Requests for exceptions to this policy should be submitted in writing to Mark Wingfield, executive director and publisher.