Citing threats to religious liberty, the North American Mission Board wants to be ready in the event that large numbers of military chaplains resign their jobs as a matter of conscience.

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Current and retired military chaplains are responding to the spiritual, emotional and physical consequences of unprecedented frequency and duration of wartime operations.

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Col. Charles Reynolds is in Liberia to minister to U.S. military and civilian peronnel who are working to eradicate the deadly virus.

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The military, like other branches of government, faces challenges in an increasingly pluralistic society to accommodate religious belief without endorsing it.

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GraceInside describes what the nearly century-old ecumenical organization does, says its president.

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In a spring filled with illness and death, here are a few hard-earned “lessons before dying.”

Monday, 18 November 2013 13:31

Dimensionality of the military chaplaincy

Dimensionality: "An aspect or feature of a situation, problem, or thing" (Oxford English Dictionary). The more dimensions the more complex, e.g., one dimensional, two dimensional, three dimensional. Dimensionality may also speak to the complexity of racial, social, religious, cultural, sexual, gender, class, etc., diversity within today's military chaplaincy.

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Friday, 11 October 2013 15:31

BGCT chaplains won’t wed gay couples

Texas Baptist chaplains cannot perform same-sex marriages but are otherwise permitted to provide pastoral care “shaped by the Bible and Baptist tradition.”

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