Today’s needed functions don’t match yesterday’s denominational structures.

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Reasons for seeking new spiritual homes include an aversion to congregational conflict and the trappings of denominationalism.

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Denominations need to realize — they can’t provide everything to everyone.

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New approach will create a “more nimble” Baptist General Association of Virginia, say leaders.

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The $11.5 million budget is a little more than $700,000 less than 2014.

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The two will partner on the basis of shared values, say leaders.

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Friday, 07 November 2014 11:45

This kind of denomination is dead

Some denominations still maintain diseased practices which require euthanasia.

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Pastors say it's important that churches which have dropped “Baptist” from their names remain transparent about Baptist affiliations on web sites and literature.

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Baptist leaders say there is a strong and creative future for local, state and national religious organizations willing to embrace (sometimes) radical institutional and functional changes.

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In a word, it’s skinnier.

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