A Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary event open only to men and boys features door prizes including a shotgun autographed by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

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Advocacy groups including American Association of People with Disabilities called a proposal to access the Social Security database to identify individuals too dangerous to buy a gun a step backward for an administration with an overall good record on the inclusion of people with disabilities.

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The outspoken former Southern Baptist Convention officer says the solution to mass shootings isn’t more gun control, but rather arming and training Americans to defend themselves.

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Changing the culture of our country will take the determined efforts of people all across America.

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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 12:17

Accidental shooting kills N.C. Baptist pastor

Phillip Davis, founder and senior pastor of Nations Ford Community Church in Charlotte, N.C., accidentally shot himself while cleaning a handgun.

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Southern Baptists’ former spokesman for moral concerns says gun control wouldn’t have stopped the recent on-air killing of two television journalists, while criticizing politicians like Hillary Clinton for “ghoulishness” in suggesting otherwise.

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Two of the three victims were active in ministry at a Southern Baptist church.

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One of the victims of Thursday’s mass shooting in Lafayette, La., attended Belmont University for two years in the early 2000s.

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While some see body cameras as a way to curb deadly police shootings like one in North Charleston, S.C., last weekend, others say systemic issues like police training and a gun-loving culture must also be addressed.

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Friday, 29 August 2014 12:39

Bumper sticker theology

In some symbols, we may create a monster we will live to regret.

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