Wednesday, 14 October 2015 06:21

When angels laugh

Sometimes church people take themselves too seriously.

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More Christians could be on the front page if they took the rules as seriously as Kim Davis does.

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Thursday, 23 October 2014 14:32

Breaking the power of the dour hour

Comedian-preacher is breaking barriers — including the glass ceiling.

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Thursday, 18 September 2014 07:24

Here’s to God!

Our new congregation had Heineken in the serving line and two bottles of wine at every table.

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A few sanity-savers for the new school year.

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Friday, 22 August 2014 10:17

Missions and misconceptions

“Sharing” the gospel is more than sending missionaries. It’s also about receiving a witness from Christians in other places.

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A book aimed at popular culture opens the door to dialogue.

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Friday, 18 July 2014 14:22

Felices son los estupidos

A measure of humility comes with attempts to speak another language.

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Thursday, 26 December 2013 13:38

Ghosts of Christmas past

It’s a beautiful irony of human experience that we work so hard to keep things static, and all the while they are always constantly changing.

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Thursday, 14 November 2013 12:32

Don’t suck

If you’re answering a call to professional ministry, please don’t suck. This work is too important for anything less than excellent.

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