A plea for empathy — putting ourselves in another’s shoes — is so often what’s missing from conversations about immigration.

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Missions and ministry have taken Lynn and Mike Hutchinson to the centers of immigration in Africa, and to the very heart of the pain and suffering experienced by immigrants and their families.

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A Texas Baptist who leads immigration centers says too many Baptists and other Christians lack awareness of the suffering of immigrants, including children.

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National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference leader Samuel Rodriguez announced June 5 that Southern Baptists’ top spokesman for public policy and religious liberty concerns is joining the group’s organizational board.

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A bill designed to boost local police powers to enforce immigration laws is detrimental to improving relationships between congregations and immigrant members, religious groups say.

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A poll shows that most evangelicals support comprehensive immigration reform, prompting some to assure legislators they have the needed support to enact legislation promoting border security and a path to citizenship. 

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Several Baptist churches brought food, presents and the gospel to those who need it most in Texas border towns.

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Apply the vision of Jesus to the immigration crisis and you get a radical platform no sensible politician would touch.

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Right or wrong, Suzii Paynter says, President Obama’s controversial unilateral action would become moot if Congress would act on immigration reform.

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Ethics spokesman Russell Moore said he fears President Obama’s decision to move forward on immigration policy without Congress will only encourage Republicans to dig in their heels.

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