Can we embrace the idea of sharing our stories without the compulsion to be right all the time?

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Such as, “I felt too connected there. That church included me as an active part of ministry. I’d much rather be a project than a partner.”

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An American Baptist church in Boulder, Colo., was on the brink of closing when a radical redesign of worship, staff and social media presence created the conditions for “resurrection.”

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Contrary to popular belief — and media reports — Millennials and other young people are not abandoning church, says Baylor University professor Byron Johnson. And the so-called “nones” are not quite as religiously unaffiliated as many think.

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A writer and others say stereotyping Millennials as eager for contemporary worship overlooks differences among individuals and the human capacity to change.

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Church revitalization is increasing, but is there enough interest to spark change?

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Monday, 14 July 2014 13:43


Millennials advocate radical freedom and that’s good. But the shadow side is the devaluing of community.

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014 10:24

Wedding words

On the responsibility, and opportunity, of officiating a wedding in post-Christian America. 

Friday, 14 March 2014 09:44

Millennials at hand

Those 18- to 33-year-olds present a challenge to churches, but they may be more religious than we — or they — think.

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Organization leaders say college and graduate students are more interested in longer-term, relationship-building projects than they are in quick-hit mission experiences. 

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