The pontiff's statement that ministry is about serving people, not ideas and ideology, has boosted the morale of some Baptists who work with the homeless and prisoners.

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Teaching young leaders how to engage ministry without getting “chewed up” is the aim of a growing number of congregations.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015 13:25

Refugee crisis spurs Baptist assistance

U.S. organizations are allocating funds to assist Europeans grappling with an influx of migrants.

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Writer and church coach says the term ‘post-everything’ sums up the variety of challenges facing the church today, from post-modernity to post-Christianity to post-denominationalism.

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And stop trying so hard to attract them.

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Baptist leaders say the historic, western style of short-term mission trips were more about self-fulfiment rather than transforming the lives of impoverished people. They are calling for more thoughtful, missional approaches where the goal is to participate in God’s transformative action around the world.

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While caution has historically been the rule, today’s pastors, including those with decades of experience, are making careful choices to develop close relationships with church members. Some say Millennials demand it.

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Churches in Anderson, S.C., learn firsthand that it takes commitment and faith to believe something greater lies beyond hardship.

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Some Baptist leaders are concerned that Christians and churches no longer collaborate on missions and other volunteer projects as they did in the past.

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A Baptist World Alliance group met for the second of five meetings in an effort to overcome differences that bar Baptists and Methodists from more effective mission together.

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