Declining memberships and closing churches have led some congregations to react with fear, which in turn is a turnoff for potential members, a Christian leader says.

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Combating poverty and violence only begins with addressing immediate problems, according to those who minister in these fields. 

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Addressing church decline is about confronting a shifting reality.

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Monday, 19 October 2015 06:05

Be who you needed ...

To be the Body of Christ, we need the tendons of relationship to connect young muscle to wise bones.

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Karen refugees from Burma who are seriously struggling financially in Nebraska and who qualify for loans can receive up to $1,500 at no interest.

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The pontiff's statement that ministry is about serving people, not ideas and ideology, has boosted the morale of some Baptists who work with the homeless and prisoners.

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Teaching young leaders how to engage ministry without getting “chewed up” is the aim of a growing number of congregations.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015 13:25

Refugee crisis spurs Baptist assistance

U.S. organizations are allocating funds to assist Europeans grappling with an influx of migrants.

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Writer and church coach says the term ‘post-everything’ sums up the variety of challenges facing the church today, from post-modernity to post-Christianity to post-denominationalism.

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And stop trying so hard to attract them.

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