Wednesday, 10 September 2014 10:32

Baptists enriched by repeated missions to Sioux

Returning over many years to the same mission destination reaps huge benefits for those going and those welcoming, say Baptist groups in Virginia and Tennessee.

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Shifts in how that generation chooses to volunteer is impacting church ministries.

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Serving war-ravaged refugees, including indigenous Christian groups, in the Middle East requires extra cultural and religious sensitivity among missionaries living in cultures that do not value religious freedom, experts say. 

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Churches, ministers and educators say one of the best ways to serve communities is by helping local schools.

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Partnering with existing ministries and community groups is helping churches fulfill their missions in their local communities. 

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Over a two decades Passport Inc. has become a leadership incubator, nurturing a new kind of Baptist minister. That’s no surprise to the organization’s founders.

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Everything from government red tape to American attitudes against immigrants pose difficulties to Baptist relief groups seeking to help thousands of immigrant children on U.S.-Mexico border.

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Why a non-triumphal, ministry-focused Cooperative Baptist Fellowship matters in a polarized age. 

Recent stabbings reportedly inspired by a dark fictional character have many blaming parents and social media. But the problem goes much deeper than that, says a divinity school professor.

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014 10:24

Wedding words

On the responsibility, and opportunity, of officiating a wedding in post-Christian America. 

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