Declining memberships and closing churches have led some congregations to react with fear, which in turn is a turnoff for potential members, a Christian leader says.

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What would “stick” and what would fade away?

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Addressing church decline is about confronting a shifting reality.

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Thursday, 22 October 2015 06:05

Staffing for survival

The opportunity we must seize immediately is to add to our attractional life the element of a missional imperative.

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Karen refugees from Burma who are seriously struggling financially in Nebraska and who qualify for loans can receive up to $1,500 at no interest.

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Madison Avenue Baptist Church in New York City uses its “Beer and Bible” gatherings as a small-group meeting and as a way to show others that not all Baptists are angry and judgmental, Pastor Susan Sparks says.

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After nearly 10 years of ministry among children and youth in the economically-deprived Arkansas Delta, leaders at First Baptist Church in Richmond, Va., dreamed of expanding their vision for the region. It turned out that meant bringing some of the youth to minister in Richmond.

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Monday, 07 September 2015 06:05

What’s necessary vs. extravagant giving

Remembering volunteers after Katrina who gave the very best they had.

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Writer and church coach says the term ‘post-everything’ sums up the variety of challenges facing the church today, from post-modernity to post-Christianity to post-denominationalism.

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Baptist leaders say the historic, western style of short-term mission trips were more about self-fulfiment rather than transforming the lives of impoverished people. They are calling for more thoughtful, missional approaches where the goal is to participate in God’s transformative action around the world.

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