The pontiff's statement that ministry is about serving people, not ideas and ideology, has boosted the morale of some Baptists who work with the homeless and prisoners.

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Next year, Blake Barrow plans to open Hallelujah BBQ in El Paso, Texas, a restaurant completely staffed by residents of a rescue mission.

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While comments by candidates about Planned Parenthood and tonight’s first Republican debate of 2016 presidential election cycle make headlines, the Circle of Protection is quietly rolling out videos of candidates saying what they would do about helping the poor.

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Frank Page, head of the SBC Executive Committee, accused President Obama of both “ignorance and arrogance” in a recent interview on national radio.

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Denny Burk says using “the least of these” in discussions about the poor is a classic case of “right doctrine, wrong text.”

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A collection of Christian leaders forming a “circle of protection” for government programs that help alleviate poverty is asking candidates to produce video messages explaining how as president they would seek to help the poor.

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More than 1,300 organizations from every state in the nation have signed a letter urging Congress to approve a budget that adheres to four basic principles intended to reduce poverty and inequality and spur broadly shared economic growth.

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The CBF of Mississippi is getting behind a new ministry aimed at building hope in the cradle of the Delta Blues.

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Monday, 23 June 2014 20:21

Vital Christianity: As I see it

An effort to describe vital Christianity in 12 key characteristics, beginning with passionate love of God and neighbor. 

Governors and legislatures turning down federal funding for Medicaid expansion for political reasons are denying health care to millions of Americans, faith leaders said in a conference call today.

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