Aleena Garcia, a college sophomore, also coaches high school football, which she feels gifted by God to do.

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Something happens in my heart as I remember the many Baptist women who have been central in my life.

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Algo sucede en mi corazón, al recordar a las muchas mujeres bautistas que han sido fundamentales en mi vida.

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Mimi Haddad of Christians for Biblical Equality says theological gatekeepers and false assumptions lead many evangelicals to wrongly believe the Apostle Paul opposed women in ministry.

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Thursday, 01 October 2015 06:05

Women in the world of the Pope

Surely the marginalization of women in the church requires sustained attention.

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An all-female serving team spontaneously found a different way to serve communion at Spring Creek Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, inspiring themselves and their pastor to explore new ways to empower women.

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Three proposals for thinking about creation, sexual orientation and God’s will.

An interpretation of the Sodom (and Gibeah) stories, so fatefully destructive in forming historic Christian attitudes on the LGBT issue. 

Friday, 08 August 2014 13:11

God is (still) waiting

More Baptist churches are calling women as pastors, but the gender gap remains large.

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Women ministers tell ABPnews/Herald dinner at CBF General Assembly that women are making headway as pastors in Fellowship churches, but much work must be done to stop many from leaving for other denominations.

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