ABPnews/Herald staff

ABPnews/Herald staff

Friday, 10 October 2014 11:57

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Friday, 10 October 2014 11:57

BNG David Wilkinson



Executive Director & Publisher

Friday, 10 October 2014 11:57

BNG Bob Allen



News Editor 

Friday, 10 October 2014 11:57

BNG Jeff Brumley



Assistant Editor 

Friday, 10 October 2014 11:57

BNG Natalie Aho



Interactive Communication Specialist 

Friday, 10 October 2014 11:57

BNG Interns

Endowed Student Interns

Earnings from the R.G. “Gene” Puckett Student Internship Endowment Fund and the Ardelle and Hardy Clemons Endowment Fund for Student Internships provide support for the student internship program for Baptist News Global. For information about ways you can support this program or for details on how to apply for an internship contact David Wilkinson, Executive Director and Publisher, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 254-744-7737.



Baptist News Global offers semester and summer internships with the flexibility of matching responsibilities and learning opportunities with students’ interests, skills and experience. Our goal is to provide a challenging and rewarding experience that will help an intern prepare for a professional career through practical, hands-on experience. Our expectation is that each intern functions as a productive member of BNG’s team. The student should demonstrate initiative, discipline, creativity, the capacity to perform at a high level with limited on-site supervision, an eagerness to learn, and a commitment to BNG’s mission and vision. BNG staff will collaborate with the intern to establish reasonable expectations, instructive feedback and evaluation and appropriate customization to maximize the experience. Preference is given to graduate students or juniors and seniors with outstanding abilities, superior academic performance and previous workplace experience or internship placement.

Stipend: A $500 stipend is provided for a one-semester internship based on an average of 10 hours a week. The stipend may be enhanced based on previous experience and the availability to invest more than 10 hours weekly. Stipends for summer internships are negotiable based on the candidate’s skills and experience and the availability of funds.


Community management concentration

 In collaboration with the BNG staff, provide:

 Social media status updates

 Engagement through



• Blog

• Comments

• Website itself

 Statistical tracking and reports of

• Social media sites

• Website hits

• Individual profiles/interaction

• Sharing on social media networks

 Marketing support for classifieds and transitions

• Strategy for the use of new platforms, trends, tools

• Video, audio, photos, etc

• Online and interactive media marketing


Editorial concentration:

Write, proof and edit news and feature articles

 Write headlines, teasers and other copy and assist with production of Baptist News Global's e-newsletter

 Conduct research and preliminary interviews for news and feature articles

 Participate in content planning and development

 Develop and edit website content

 Write for and post content for social media and interactive communication platforms including Facebook and Twitter

 Assist with compilation of aggregated third-party news, features and opinion

 Assist with moderating comments and features

 Assist with uploading photos, videos and other media


Marketing and development concentration:

 Produce direct marketing strategies for:


      Push email services

      RSS newsfeeds

      Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms

      Direct mail

 Produce multimedia fundraising materials

Produce marketing and promotion for development events

 Assist in planning and providing logistical support for development events

Develop advertising strategies for:

      Generating traffic and promoting content on website

      Display ads for website and e-newsletter

      Online donations

 Produce website enhancements and develop and edit content for website

 Assist with planning to add and improve revenue streams

 Plan and support marketing and development projects

 Conduct development related research


You can also download our Intern Guidelines and Expectations.


Applications: Send inquiry, resume with academic and any professional references and portfolio or other samples of your work to:

David Wilkinson, Executive Director and Publisher
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
3116 Maple Ave., Waco, TX 76707
(254) 744-7737 


Previous Interns:

Daniel Wallace — Baylor University (undergraduate), Waco, TX — Spring 2013

Andrew Gardner — The College of William & Mary (undergraduate), Williamsburg, VA  — Spring 2012, Summer 2012

Alice Horner — Washington College (graduate), Chestertown, MD — Spring 2012

Megain Bain — Baylor University (undergraduate), Waco, TX — Spring 2011

Friday, 10 October 2014 11:57

BNG Comment Policy


Baptist News Global Comment Policy

We welcome your comments on news and opinion articles on www.baptistnews.com and www.baptistnews.com/perspectives  

Your comments must adhere to a few simple rules. If you break the rules, we reserve the right to revoke your privilege to comment.  

Community Policies

If your comment has been deleted or edited, it is the result of violating one or more of these rules.

  1. NEW POLICY - Moderation: All comments will go through moderation FIRST before they are live. Moderation will typically be done in the morning, mid-day, at the end of the work day and once in the evening. Moderation will also be done once on Saturday and once on Sunday. If your comment is not live yet, please wait for the moderator to engage before resubmitting a duplicate comment.
  2. Length: Comments are limited to a word count of approximately 350 words. We will not take time to edit your comment to 350 words. Instead, the entire comment will be deleted; however, you will have an opportunity to resubmit your comment of an appropriate length.
  3. Content:
    • a. Comments must be civil in language and tone. No personal attacks, offensive or demeaning language, name-calling, libel, defamation, hate speech or similar abuse be tolerated. Under no circumstances should you post anything that could be taken as threatening, harassing, bullying, obscene, pornographic, sexist or racist. Our comment platform is not a place for promotion, recruiting, lobbying or proselytizing your religious beliefs. It is also not a place for demeaning, criticizing, bullying, or harassing religious or political views that are different from your own.
    •  b. A comment that is off-topic, runs off on an inappropriate tangent or kills the conversation will be deleted.
  4. Violations: The user will be warned after one violation. A second violation will result in revoking without notice the user's privilege to comment. Repeat registrations under different pseudonyms will not be tolerated.

If you need to contact our editorial staff, email the editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Your email will be read, and your viewpoints will be taken seriously. However, it may not be possible for us to respond to every email.  

Also feel free to participate through a social media networking site such as our Facebook pageTwitter profile or Google+ page.

Terms and Conditions

The following are general terms and conditions for the privilege of commenting on the Baptist News Global and blog sites.

  1. Registration: User registration is required using the comment platform available on each page. It will allow you to register through the platform itself or through a profile of another platform (Facebook, Google+, and Twitter for example).
  2. E-mail Privacy: A valid email address is required to register. Your email addresses will not be published or shared. It may be used by the author of an article or by Baptist News Global staff to respond to you privately.
  3. Hold Harmless: All comments are the responsibility of the commenter. By submitting a comment, you agree that the comment content is your own, and to hold this site, Baptist News Global, and all subsidiaries and representatives harmless from any and all repercussions, damages, or liability. We will remove any content that may put us in legal jeopardy, such as potentially libelous or defamatory comments, or material posted in potential breach of copyright.
  4. Ownership: Baptist News Global has the right to retain the copyright to all comments.
  5. Threads: Comment threads will be closed after seven days for every article. On execption, threads may be opened after seven days.
  6. Links: We allow commenters to link to sources for facts or statements you reference. However, note that our comment platform will hold any comments containing a link for moderation first (in order to prevent spam or viruses). It may take a few days for your comment to appear if it contains a link.
  7. Commercialism: We will remove any posts that are obviously commercial or otherwise spam-like. Advertising opportunities are available through Baptist News Global.
  8. Trackbacks and Pingbacks: All trackbacks and pingbacks will be treated in line with our comments policy.
  9. Privacy: Protect your privacy. Never share private information such as a mailing address or phone number in your comment. We will also not allow commenters to reveal private information about one another.
  10. All Rights Reserved: We reserve the right to edit or delete any and all comments and to block access to persons who violate these policies and guidelines.

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you for your participation.


PLEASE NOTE - Since the change of our URL from abpnews.com to baptistnews.com in October 2014, older comments have not migrated over. We are working with the Disqus system to correct this problem. Thank you.


Effective April 17, 2013. Updated July 16, 2013. Updated February 12, 2014. Updated February 20, 2014. 


Friday, 10 October 2014 11:57

BNG Submissions

Story ideas

In the future, we will provide a form for you to suggest a news or feature story to our editorial team. Check back soon! 


Guidelines for submitting an opinion article for consideration. (link coming soon)

Please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • We receive more submissions than we can often acknowledge and many more than we can publish. Please understand that with a team of three full-time journalists we may not be able to respond to your submission request.
  • We suggest you browse our site for examples of commentaries and other opinion articles we have published. Also it might be a good idea to search key words related to your article to determine if we have previously published articles on the topic you have in mind.
  • We are a news site. We favor commentary articles that address current topics and timely issues for Baptist Christians.
  • Please limit your submission to 700 words.
  • We do not have the financial resources to pay an honorarium for most opinion articles we publish. What we can offer is a lively, engaging news platform with a national and international audience of loyal readers.
  • All submissions will be edited to meet Baptist News Global standards for style and substance.
  • Baptist News Global retains all rights to published material. If your article is published on our website you are welcome to share it with others via social media as long as you credit Baptist News Global and include a direct link to the article on our site.
  • E-mail your submission with the article as a Word document attachment to Robert Dilday, Editor in Chief at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Friday, 10 October 2014 11:57

BNG Baugh Foundation Incentive Grant

Matching grant doubles impact

Are you a first-time donor? Are you a former subscriber to The Religious Herald?

You can multiply the impact of your investment in the ministry of Baptist News Global, thanks to two initiatives funded by a matching incentive grant from the Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation of San Antonio, Texas.

First-time Donors

The Baugh Foundation has pledged to match dollar-for-dollar all contributions from new Annual Fund members, up to a total of $100,000 for the year. Your cumulative gifts during the first year as an Annual Fund member will be matched, doubling the impact of your support.

Herald Legacy Initiative 

This two-year initiative is an endeavor to sustain and build upon the financial investment of former subscribers to the print and electronic editions of The Religious Herald and the donors who have previously supported the Herald through their additional contributions. Individuals who make a commitment to the Herald Legacy Initiative automatically become members of the Annual Fund. If you are former Herald subscriber, your cumulative gifts to the Annual Fund in 2014 and/or 2015 will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

Donate Now

To become a member of the Annual Fund, make your gift today using our secure online Donation Form. Be sure to check “Yes” on Step 4 of the form to ensure that your contribution is matched. Any additional gifts during the year will be matched automatically.

Contact Ann Richardson, our development assistant, to request a Donation/Pledge Form. Ann will send you the form and a return envelope. This is the best way to ensure that your donation is recorded accurately. 

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (Be sure to include your name and mailing address.)
Phone:  800.340.6626, ext 5

Annual Fund Membership Levels*

Supporter Sustainer Advocate Investor
Annual gifts of Annual gifts of Annual gifts of Annual gifts of
$25 to $49 $50 to $99 $100 to $499 $500 to $2,499




* Membership levels are based upon cumulative gifts during a calendar year. 

July-Aug 2014 coverAs a benefit of membership, Annual Fund members receive the Herald, a bi-monthly magazine that made its debut in early 2014.

Friday, 10 October 2014 11:57

Matching Donations

Double or triple your donation to Baptist News Global!

Did you know that . . .

Corporate matching donation programs began in 1954 when General Electric Company first introduced a program that would benefit nonprofit organizations?

• More than 7,500 companies offer matching donation programs to their employees?

• Some companies will double or even triple donations made by their employees?

What is a Matching Donation?

Every time you make a donation to Baptist News Global, your contribution could be matched, doubled or even tripled by your employer if the company participates in a matching donation program. Friends of Baptist News Global have a great opportunity to multiply the impact of their giving through corporate supported matching donation programs. Usually, this can be done effortlessly by simply filling out a matching donations form for your employer.

How do I get started?

STEP 1: Contact your employer's human resources department to see if the company offer a matching donation program.

STEP 2: Obtain a matching donation form from the human resources department.

STEP 3: Complete the form and send it in with your next donation to Baptist News Global.

It's that easy!

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