Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley is assistant editor of Baptist News Global.

Churches are grappling with Millennials who want their church membership defined in terms of mission and ministry, not names on a roll.

Tommy Deal’s last day as CBF disaster response director is July 31. Ron Fairley, coordinator of projects and services for CBF, will serve as interim beginning Aug. 1.

A joint VBS held by Baptist churches in Waco helped break down the racial divide between them. Other churches have reported similar experiences when racially divergent congregations cooperate to host these summer programs. 

The period between pastors is an important time for churches who need the right kind of leader to guide them through it. Increasingly that role is being filled by trained, intentional interim pastors.

Congregations and ministers experience spiritual benefits from working in schools to help at-risk children and their families.

While caution has historically been the rule, today’s pastors, including those with decades of experience, are making careful choices to develop close relationships with church members. Some say Millennials demand it.

Baptist pastors urge fellow Hispanics to stay on course because they can influence the American church with their passion and focus. 

A new study finds many licensed clinical social workers lack the training and confidence to discuss matters of faith with clients.

Events like the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage and the Charleston church shootings have many church members on edge, which often puts the pressure on pastors to choose sides.

Baptist leaders say the recent spate of African-Amerian church fires in the South have been disturbing — even when not ruled arson — because of the recent AME church shooting in South Carolina. 

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