Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley is assistant editor of Baptist News Global.

LifeWay Research has found that most Amercians believe suicide is not a selfish act that sends one to hell. Instead, most are responding with compassion to victims of suicide and their families.

Writer and church coach says the term ‘post-everything’ sums up the variety of challenges facing the church today, from post-modernity to post-Christianity to post-denominationalism.

The study found that minorities in multiracial churches often adopt white attitudes on socioeconomic issues. Some Baptist ministers say there are a number of factors behind those findings.

A new study suggests a connection between low church attendance and scenic nature. The outdoors, it says, can satisfy spiritual needs the church attempts to provide.

What began as a way to brainstorm sermon series ideas has evolved into friendship and pastoral ministry for a small group of Baptist pastors.

While not as ‘glamorous’ as reaching out to Millennials, attracting Boomers can revitalize the mission and ministries of churches, congregational coaches say.

The organization's Annual Session also featured community service, cultural enrichment and worship events.

Funds received over a five-year period will benefit students at Mercer's Macon and two regional campuses. Nearly 150 scholarships will be provided.

Growing pressures toward shorter sermons seems to be coming more from older church members, ministers say.

White evangelicals are organizing to run for political office while some churches support ongoing civil rights protest movements like Black Lives Matter, and some experts say it’s all a sign that society is shifting. 

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