Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley is assistant editor of Baptist News Global.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015 06:00

Are Bible apps sapping the life from our faith?

A blogger asks if Bible, devotional and other faith-based apps are spiritually draining. While some pastors doubt the seriousness of the claim, one sees it happening.

Even those who are not called into full-time ministry can benefit from an intentional program of discernment. Churches and ministries are offering such direction to members of all generations.

Baptists have spearheaded efforts to send spiritual and material aid to the ethinc group living in fear of ISIS. 

Even some couples with strong spiritual commitments are getting married in secular settings.

A Baylor University study discovered a link between a God-inspired work ethic and business success in companies overseas. American businessmen say the principle holds true in the United States, too. 

Kim and Marc Wyatt have helped open Welcome House in Raleigh, N.C.,  which provides a home for single and small families of refugees who are resettled in the area.

Bob Ballance has left Pine Street Church in Boulder, Colo., for First Baptist Church in South Boston, Va., where he will be tasked with drawing young people to congregational life. 

Emily Guberman fell into a dark, lonely place after her mother’s 2009 death. Now the recent college graduate is running to raise money for MADD and preparing to answer a call to missionary work. Faith, she said, got her through.

The Barna Group reported a big spike in the number of post-Christian people from 2013 to 2015. Experts say they aren’t surprised, but add that this can be a good sign for churches, too.

Baptist churches in South Carolina are joining others across the state to provide everything from money to food and water to victims of last week’s historic flooding.

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