Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley is assistant editor of Baptist News Global.

Baptist leaders say the recent spate of African-Amerian church fires in the South have been disturbing — even when not ruled arson — because of the recent AME church shooting in South Carolina. 

For Ruben Ortiz, “reaching as many people as possible” means connecting with Hispanic Baptists across North and South America.

While conservatives are getting most of the attention for their opposition to same-sex marriage, some moderate and progressive Baptist pastors are stepping forward not only in support of the practice but also in conducting ceremonies.

Financial difficulties and feelings of isolation are overshadowed by the loyalty and humility found in small churches by the pastors that lead them — often alone.

Air Force Maj. Chuck Seligman, a chaplain endorsed by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, said it’s challenging to leave people and ministries behind every three or four years. But that constant round of rotations helps remind him and other chaplains whose work they are really doing through their service.

The Carroll Center is the institute’s newly purchased administrative hub in Irving, Texas, finally giving it a permanent home, leaders say.

Iva Carruthers says a spiritual malady prevents Americans from seeing systemic racism behind police brutality, shootings and tragic events. The New Baptist Covenant says its covenants of action are one way correct the condition.

A Texas Baptist who leads immigration centers says too many Baptists and other Christians lack awareness of the suffering of immigrants, including children.

With the CBF’s General Assembly in Dallas, some pastors say it’s a perfect opportunity to raise awareness around issues of police brutality.

A top athlete himself, John White says it can be difficult getting athletes, coaches and teams to see the value in acknowledging their bodies belong to Christ.

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