Vicki Brown

Vicki Brown

Vicki Brown is associate editor of Word & Way, in which this story originally appeared.

A team from CBF Heartland took enough cars for each child in a Roma settlement to participate in pinewood derby races.

The key for schools is to avoid favoring certain churches or denominations over others and not requiring student participation in church events held at school.

Former Missouri senator and First Lady Jean Carnahan said her Baptist faith, and the Jewish notion of making the world a better place, have sustained her after her husband, Gov. Mel Carnahan, and their son, Randy, died in a 2000 plane crash.

James Layman, a retired hospital and military chaplain, was moved to act after noticing how many chaplains struggle on their own.

The effort seeks to bring ministry, comfort to victims of human trafficking.

While there are some exceptions, many congregations find that renovating and repurposing existing facilities offers signficant savings. 

The tension between service and evangelism goes back far in Christian history, but experts say it can be as simple as watching and waiting for the right moment to share. 

A minister’s church was torched by separatists who demanded, but didn’t receive, his consent to their movement through the region.

Going the extra mile is the essence of the gospel, Bruce Powers believes. First, though, Christians must be able to hear God’s telling them which mile to pursue.

Entrepreneurial ministry team at Missouri church brings a variety of backgrounds and experiences to the pastoral offerings at Englewood Baptist Church.

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