Ken Camp

Ken Camp

Ken Camp is managing editor of the Baptist Standard.

The problem of hunger in the United States can be solved, participants in the Together at the Table of Hunger and Poverty Summit heard from experts.

The team will report its finding to a special committee of the school’s board of regents.

Questions are circling around what the university knew regarding the former football player’s indictment over a year ago and his earlier act of violence against a female at another college.

More than 350 people from a dozen countries sent a letter to Nepal’s political leaders.

A friend-of-the-court brief says states have an interest in protecting the religious beliefs of nonprofit organizations.

Recent legislation restricting voting has taken the country “back to zero,” say leaders.

The goal is to live off the land with minimal support from other sources.

A bipartisan group of national leaders called on Congress to develop a national strategy addressing violations of religious freedom around the globe.

A lower court ruled the schools’ free exercise of religion is not substantially burdened by a requirement they opt out of emergency contraceptive coverage and shift responsibility to a third-party provider.

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