Ken Camp

Ken Camp

Ken Camp is managing editor of the Baptist Standard.

A bill designed to boost local police powers to enforce immigration laws is detrimental to improving relationships between congregations and immigrant members, religious groups say.

Meaningful transformation in the United States will require a willingness to “change the narrative” of race and justice, author and criminal justice reform advocate Bryan Stevenson says.

Group aims to encourage churches to recognize women and men are equally gifted in ministry.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 12:22

Todd Still named Truett Seminary dean

The announcement ends a national search for the school affiliated with Baylor University.

The statement in part was adopted to provide grounds for some Baptist universities seeking exemptions to accommodations for transgender students.

Their efforts coincide with campaigns in at least three other states to enshrine protections of religious belief. 

As the United States and Cuba restore diplomatic relations, a Baptist mission team shares faith and resources on the island.

The longtime Baptist communicator earned a reputation as the informal “poet laureate” of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

Once rife with drug dealers and addicts, Houston’s Midtown secton was adopted and transformed by the care of a Baptist congregation and its nonprofit community development agency. 

Neighbors allege the conference center was wasting water and draining the aquifer basin that fed their wells — an assertion Glorieta officials deny.

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