Jim White

Jim White

Jim White is executive editor of the Religious Herald.

Friday, 31 May 2013 09:09

Books, films more than a passing fad

More than a passing fad, experts say America's fascination with zombies, vampires and the like is rooted in spirtuality.

Producing study materials for a church is a huge undertaking that diverts staff time, energy and attention away from other assignments. Making that decision, then, should be done carefully. When does it make sense for a church to produce its own material?

Not too long ago, hardly any church would have dared to plan, write and publish its own Bible study materials. Before computers, desktop publishing and easy access to the Internet, the task would have been so daunting, few churches would have had the resources to pull it off. These days, all that has changed.

Thursday, 26 April 2012 20:00

WMU of NC plans relocation

Woman’s Missionary Union of North Carolina will move its headquarters from Raleigh to an office building in Lillington recently donated to the mission organization.

Amid academic pageantry, Baptist historian Bill Leonard was officially installed Jan. 24 as the first Dunn Professor of Baptist Studies at Wake Forest University School of Divinity.

How could the New Baptist Covenant II, supported philosophically and theologically by so many Baptists, draw such meager attendance?

I’m all about the United States Constitution. Next to the Bible, it may be my favorite document. I support and defend the rights of individuals to speak even if everything inside me is shouting, “Shut up!” Like when a thoughtless person shouts “Fire” in a crowded theater. Or when Fox News’ Glenn Beck said last week that church members should leave if their church is committed to social justice.