Naomi King Walker

Naomi King Walker

Naomi King Walker is music and worship pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church in Frankfort, Ky. This commentary is adapted from her blog, Worship, Music and Beyond.

Friday, 09 May 2014 15:40

Baptismal mishaps

Sometimes Baptist baptisms are memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Monday, 10 March 2014 13:38

Worship: Taking God’s name in vain?

I may not do much cussin’, but I’m definitely guilty of using God’s name lightly.

Any time the word “inerrancy” is mentioned with regard to the interpretation of Scripture, the subject of a “woman’s place” is never far behind. Whenever women challenge the status quo, it takes only a moment for husbands and church leaders threatened by loss of control to begin intoning “my Bible clearly says” in an attempt to weight their argument.