Bruce Gourley

Bruce Gourley

Bruce Gourley is executive director of the Baptist History and Heritage Society.

The door is now cracked for most corporations, Christian-owned or otherwise, to impose a wide range of religious dogma upon America’s workforce.

The good news is that early Baptists were, in a manner of speaking, the original Millennials.

Friday, 25 January 2013 10:10

The religious war on freedom

New data from a Barna study affirms the age-old admission that some people support religious liberty only for themselves.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010 10:54

The summer of Baptist discontent and hope

During the summer months each year, Baptist groups in America gather to preach, worship, pass resolutions and reevaluate the mission and direction of their churches and denominations. In recent years, these summer convention gatherings have seemingly been marked more by hand-wringing than by praying hands.

Christian nationalism is a hot topic, as a read of recent Associated Baptist Press articles and attendant commentary reveals. To wit, some Christians today insist that America was founded as a Christian nation, and that the concept of the separation of church and state is either the sinister invention of modern liberals, or -- in the best-case scenario -- a one-way street in which government sanctions and favors Christianity as the national religion.

The latest skirmish in white Southern religion’s war against history recently reached its climax in Texas. As has often been the case since the antebellum era, cultural religion won and American history lost.

Monday, 29 June 2009 04:12

Losing the Bible

The "Battle for the Bible" is over, and the Bible lost.